Record Engineering Development Department

The REDD series was onceived by Len Page of Abbey Road and Peter Burkowitz of EMI.

Notes from David Hinson

REDD was simply a department of E.M.I. set up in 1955 and headed by Len Page.  Len Page worked for E.M.I. under Alan Blumlein going back as far as the 1930's.  Blumlein was, of course, killed in a plane crash during the second world war while on a test flight for the radar system which he was working on for the war effort. 

The name of the engineer who worked at E.M.I.'s studio in Cologne who helped with th desk design was Peter Burkowitz.

There were also various other engineers who worked on EMI's stereo recording system that the REDD desks were designed around and for - their so-called  'Stereosonic' system - and there's an AES paper by Vanderlyn et al. that I posted a link to earlier in this thread.

This stereosonic system was a continuation of the work that Blumlein did in the 1930's for E.M.I. and very much used the mathematical proofs  he worked out that showed stereo can be represented by Sum and Difference as well as Left and Right.